In this section i keep uploading documents and exercices i use for my personal practice and for my teaching at the Musik Akademie Basel, Abteilung Jazz
I have written some stuff with Max/MSP, to which i am quite new, so Max users please be indulgent.

symetric scales based on Pierre Audétat's symetric view of the keyboard, major scales with optimized fingerings where the left hand feels freeeeeee!
2387 tihais a systematic collection of tihais that fit into a 32 8-notes cycle
claves 4352 patterns that include different claves (salsa, rhumba, afro and cuban 12/8)
riddim a card game i designed to practice some rhythmical ideas with my rhythmn class in Basel
EarPlay when i improvise solos or duos, i often like to do harmonic modulations, using a note from the improvised melody as pivot . so here is an ear training program i wrote with Max/MSP using that same idea. If you don't have Max/MSP installed, you can download the free Max Runtime from Cycling'74
wtpa small program, written in Max/MSP, to explore a rhythmical concept i call Wohl Temperiertes Phrasier Apparat, which is about "unequal" or "phrased" microtime, as in swinging 8-notes, gnawan triplets or so-called brazilian 16-notes.